Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Fake GPS Location:

Many of event someone ask you for send your location, while you don’t want to forward your actual location. For example your bass ask your location. Here giving you easy trick is given to send fake GPS Location.

1: Download a Fake location App from Play store:

On Google play store, there is many fake location apps are available, I used Fake GPS(Lexa company) .


use can other app also like Face GPS(ByteRev). its also a good app. 

2: Activate Developer mode in your phone:

Go into “SETTINGS” of your phone and tab on “ABOUT PHONE” and tab 5-7 time on “BUILD NUMBER” or until not get message “ YOU ARE DEVELOPER”.

Now go back a step (in settings main page) and see “DEVELOPER OPTION” and check on “ALLOW MOCK LOCATION”.

 In short:

1:  Settings    >>>>    About Phone    >>>>    Build Number (click 5-7 time).

Go back and Again,

2:  Settings    >>>>    Developer Option    >>>>    Allow Mock Location

3: Go to Fake Location App:

 Open Fake Location App and select your desire location and set it.  And tap to other Apps, where want to share location (example: Whatsapp, Facebook etc.). 

Note: If its running, app Icon will show in Notification. 

Example:  share location in Whatsapp, after setting location in Fake GPS app, Open whatsapp and tap on location and share it. 

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