Monday, 18 June 2018


Assessing the value

If you feel you are being underpaid you must have enough evidences to prove it to your reporting manager. To substantiate this claim do extensive research to understand the salary benchmarks at your level in your company and at your profile in the domain concerned.

Be confident

You know you deserve a raise for all your hard work. Now it's time to show your boss why you're worth it. When you book a meeting with your boss, make sure you're prepared, have proof to back up your reasoning and most importantly be confident. After all, you're about to convince your boss that you deserve a raise - because you do.

Take on more responsibility

More responsibility will often increase your wage - or at least give you a more stable basis of which to justify asking for a pay rise. Climbing the ladder in many corporate jobs will often get you a pay rise, but make sure that the salary justifies the added pressures.

Build good networks

Networking is crucial in today's time. Online mediums gives the current workforce greater scope to build a good network. When you know people across the office(s) and people know you too, it increases your chances of getting a good hike.

Upskilling self

Education always pays. The more knowledge and skills you have, greater is the likelihood of getting a salary hike. To remain worthy it is essential to take up courses so to keep abreast with changing tools and techniques.

Innovation is the key

Today's work world requires innovative minds like never before. Companies would like to hold on to employees with exceptionally innovative and creative minds to beat competition and stay ahead.
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