Monday, 4 April 2016

Browse Data on BlueStack (Save file from Bluestack to Pc and Vice versa)

Blue Stack is Android App Viewer/Browser, but we face problem if need any media from Bluestack to PC or share any media or file from PC to Bluestack.

Cope / Move data from BlueStack to PC

Step 1:  First Load any file manager in BlueStack e.g. ES explorer or Astro File manager etc.

Step 2:  Open File Explorer and go to "sdcard" folder and select your data to Move or copy.

Step 3:  Go to “bstfolder”  in same "sdcard", and Paste your data.

Step 4:  Return back to your PC from BlueStack and open my document, your copied or moved data get here.

Cope / Move data from BlueStack to PC

Follow above step but from bottom i.e step 4 to 1.

Note: Remember one thing; bstfolder is an interface between Bluestack and PC. Or My Document folder known as bstfolder in Bluestack  

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