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Guidance to buy Tablet

What should we know about tablet before buying it:-

1: Screen Size
2: Operating system (OS)
3: Processor
4: RAM
5: 2G/3G/LTE
6: Calling / Non calling
7: Camera
8: Resolution
9: Internal Storage/Expendable

1: Screen Size:  
                         There is many size of tablets are available in market, you have to choose as per your requirement. Some of standard size are 7”, 8”, 9”, 10.1” and 12”.
  •    7"  is easy to carry and use as smart. it just comes between                smartphone and tablets, means neither a smart phone nor a tablet.
  • 8" is approx same as 7" tablet.
  • 9" is comfortable size of tablet and good for small business report. 
  • 10.1" is made for game lovers.
  • 12" is for those don't want to carry heavy laptop on business trip. its equivalent of small laptop. 
Screen Sizes of Tables

Screen Size compare
2: Operating System(OS):
                           OS is an important part of tablet and phones. there is three company who make their own OS.
                            A: iOS by Apple company
                            B: Androd by Google company
                            C: Windows 8.1 by Microso

Collect from Internet
Screen Shot of OS's

Note: Most popular OS in India is Androd. Maximum smartphone and tablet in India, found               Android OS.

3: Processor:
                     Many type of processor are available, AMR, AMD and Intel are most popular companies whose processor are using in many Tablets in India. Important points of processor are
                 1:) Cores(e.g:dual core)
                 2:) Clock Speed(e.g: 2GHz)
                 3:) Integrated Graphics,
                 4:) Cache (e.g: 512MB)
                 5:) Manufacture (e.g: Intel)

                 Don't go deep about processor, "1Ghz /dual core"  and above processor speed is better for tablet.

4: RAM:
                   Random Access Memory(RAM) is  an important part, application(Apps) functions speed are depend on RAM. RAM should not less than 1MB. while in market available 2MB and 3MB.

5: Network (2G/3G/4G):
                                             Today world is online, to catch them, have to go online. 2G(GPRS/EDGE) is slow surfing speed. At least 3G support must be in today's tablet. 4G(LTE) is advance and in trail phase or in initial phase in India and available in maximum area.

6: Calling / Non Calling:
                                           Its your own choice, I can't comfortable to talk as phone, mostly of people who using tab as phone, to talk use Bluetooth device or hand-free.

7: Camera:
                     If use tablet for video calling, check front camera. companies using term for camera front and rear, primary and secondary.

                   front = secondary ;   Rear = primary = back Camera

8: Resolution:
                         To enjoy movie in tablet, it must support HD Video. tablet screen should be capacitive touch. and resolution '1200x800' and above. ppi (Pixel Per Inch) 149  and above.

9: Internal Storage/Expendable :
                                                         when you download any thing from internet, first its save itself in internal storage, its helps to download large amount of data. available size is 4GB, 12GB, 16GB, 32GB etc. Expendable memory at least 32GB.


In short; a standard laptop
                             Screen: 10.1",
                             OS (Android or ur choice),
                             Processor 1GHz/Dual core< ,
                             RAM 16GB< ,
                             Camera: 8MP/2MP,
                             Resolution HD,
                             Capacitive touch,
                             16GB internal memory/32GB expendable,
                             3G Support.

finally, it man not get all things in a laptop, above given is only my suggestion, it may differ than other experts. So ask to other expert for second opinion.

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