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Government Investment Plan:

Post office Saving A/C:

Deposit Amount: Minimum deposit Rs.50/- (Rs. Fifty) and no maximum limit.

Interest Rate: 4% Yearly.

10 Year National Saving Certificate (N.S.C 9th Issue):

Deposit Amount: 
                 Available option: Rs. 100/- , Rs.500/- , Rs.1000/-, Rs.5000/-, Rs.10000/-  and  no maximum limit.

Interest Rate: 8.80% yearly but calculation on 6monthly compound interest,

Note:  Income Tax rebate under 80c

Post office Traditional deposit (T.D. A/C):

Deposit Amount:  Minimum Rs. 200/-, no maximum limit

Interest Rate:  
         Ø  1 year R.D account interest rate 8.20%
         Ø  2 year R.D account interest rate 8.20%
         Ø  3 year R.D account interest rate 8.30%
         Ø  5 year R.D account interest rate 8.40%
           1: Interest calculation quarterly.
           2: Income tax rebate under 80c on Rs. 1 Lac deposit on 5 year R.D account.
           3: 5 Year NSC 8th Issue also available with 8.50% interest rate.

5 years Monthly Income Scheme (M.I.S. A/C):

Deposit Amount:  Minimum Rs. 1500/- and maximum Rs. 4.5 Lac in single and Rs.9 Lac in joint account.

Interest Rate: 8.40% Yearly interest.

15year Public Provident Fund A/C: (P.P.F. A/C):

Deposit Amount: Minimum Rs.500/- and Maximum Rs. 10,00,00/- single investment  or in 12 part of year.

Interest Rate: 8.70% yearly compound interest.

               1.       I.T rebate on Rs. 1 lac investment.
               2.       Interest income also comes under Act. 80c.
               3.       Get Loan on PPF account after 3ed Year, and partly withdraw amount after 7th year.
               4.       PPF account could open in all Post office, S.B.I Bank and all nationalized banks.

5 year Recurring deposit Account (PORD A/C):

Deposit Amount: minimum Rs 10/- (Rs. Ten) monthly and no maximum limit.

Interest Rate: 8.50% yearly

           Can partly withdraw 50% after a year. After maturity get interest on compound amount.

5 year senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS A/C):

Deposit Amount:  Minimum deposit in respect of Rs. 1000/- ( e.g: 1000, 2000, 5000, 7000, but not 1500, 3300 etc), maximum limit Rs. 15 Lac.

Interest Rate: 9.20% yearly calculate quarterly bases.

             1.       Only for 60 year or over age persons.
             2.       55 to 60 ages retire persons also can open, but no age limit for army retire persons.
             3.       Come under Income Tax rebate.

For More detail contact to nearest post office 


National Saving Directorate Uttar Prades.  

Vikashdeep, 22, Station Raod Lucknow (uttar Prades)
Ph.: 0522-2635388, 2635283

(Its govt. Phone num so may not pick in single dial so try mare.)

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