Thursday, 14 November 2013

ISI Certification and Registration

What is ISI Mark?
                                ISI mark is a quality slandered certification for product in India. This certification is given by Bureau of Indian Standards. 

Should I get ISI Mark?
                               No, it’s not mandatory to get ISI certification but if have, means product quality is defiantly reliable.
               Note: ISI mark is mandatory for an item that falls on the mandatory list – long list to mention here but includes edible items, cement, certain home appliances, certain car parts, steel products, etc.

Operational Areas of BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards):
                               BIS product certification scheme is open for all countries to manufacturers. The operational area of BIS:-
v  Textiles
v  Chemicals and Pesticides
v  Rubber and Plastic products
v  Cement and concrete products
v  Building materials
v  Pumping, irrigation, drainage and sewage equipment
v  Pipes and fittings for water supply
v  Basic metals and fabricated metal products
v  Machinery and equipment
v  Electrical, electronics and optical equipment
v  Automotive components
v  Agriculture, food and tobaccos
v  Black tea and beverages
v  Packaged drinking water and Natural mineral water
v  Leather products
v  Wood products
v  Paper and pulp products
v  Testing instruments

Get an ISI Certification:
          There is two way of get ISI certification.
                                     1: Submit application form at nearest BIS office and they inspect your factory, standard of product and equipment of manufacture.
                                     2: Another way, finished product sent to BIS certified laboratory and get certification.

Download application form:
                                   Download application form from given link, its official form given on official website.

BIS official website:
                                 For more detail please visit official website of BIS


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