Saturday, 26 May 2018


1: They brag, a lot

They may have had done something worth commending or own something others don't have. But bragging about these only widens the gulf with coworkers who may not be that lucky. So, try humility.

2: They are late, for work and meetings

You know a person is unprofessional when every day he/she has some excuse or the other to start office late. The reason: Being casual about office. They tend to be habitual in being late, including meetings. So be punctual.

3: They complain, and gossip

Unprofessional people are never content with any situation and tend to find faults with everything and everyone. Worse, they tend to gossip about colleagues, of course behind their backs.

4: They are very disorganised

Their desks and desktops both will be messy. They will also be slow and lost and basically not in control of the situation

5: They use bad language

Yes, targets can be brutal and pressure can make you blurt out swear words, but there is no place for profanities in office and not among colleagues, please.

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